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Winter Vegetable Fried Rice

Growing up, my parents always stressed the importance of eating vegetables. We had at least one fruit or vegetable at every meal and it wasn’t an option not to eat them. And like most children, I didn’t want to eat … Continue reading

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The end of the Winter Garden and Menu Plan

It’s been warm for a few weeks. Seeds for summer were planted. Other seedlings were purchased. And since the raised bed was in need of fertilizer and more soil, J and I decided that it was time to pull the … Continue reading

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How Does My Garden Grow?

We have this ugly side yard on the East side of our house.  There is an old shed and some rocks.  Nothing more. Boxes were built. Soil was delivered. Seedlings and seeds were planted. And now we have bumping seedlings. … Continue reading

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Gazpacho-cold summer vegetable soup

The AC is on and the windows are closed.  It isn’t even as hot as it was a month ago, but it feels like summer-warm winds, leaving work by 5pm, laying out by the pool, and lots of grilling. Gazpacho … Continue reading

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Harvest Vegetable Soup

It all started with a roasted chicken.  Trying to get the most of my $15 dollars, I decided to make soup from the leftovers and the contents of my latest CSA box. The chicken bones and some meat was cooked … Continue reading

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