Composting is a great way to recycle and reuse. It allows for nutrient recycling from dead material and is a great way to reduce food waste. (Food waste is the 3rd most contributor to the U.S. waste system.)  It decreases the amount of material going into landfills and enriching the soil of house plants or urban garden.

Composting is super easy and there are many options to choose from: pile, worm bin, and rotating bin to name a few.  I’ve even been told you can make one out of a large plastic storage container. All you have to do is get  as storage container and start throwing in food waste and yard clippings.  The only tricky part is balancing the green, nitrogenous waste (food scraps, grass clippings) with the brown, carbon-rich waste (dead leaves, hay, peat, paper). It also helps to have sun if you are not going the worm route.

I chose a SunMar composter and a wormbin.  The SunMar is very pricey, but easy to use.  The worm bin was free because it took so long to ship the SunMar.  Score! How is it going? The worms appear to be happy and productive?  The SunMar worked fabulously in Summer, however now that it is colder, I have not found the right mix of brown and green materials.

Compost Bin


Check out my worm bin here.

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