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photos from the past couple of months

I kind of abandoned my blog to start writing my thesis. Terrible I know. I haven’t stopped cooking. Or taking pictures. Or rather Jonathon hasn’t stopped taking pictures. Here are some things we’ve been whipping up in the kitchen. Chicken … Continue reading

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Garden Update

Here are some pictures J took of the garden. I am impressed by how many productive plants we’ve crammed in such a small space. 

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Distance running: nutrition and hydration

Here is what I pack for runs over 70 minutes. Having girly matching accessories helps my performance (just kidding). I get up 1.5 hrs before my run and have 8 oz of water. 30 mins later I have another 8oz … Continue reading

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I tried to start seedlings this year. The beans beans are the only thing that sprouted. While it may not be too late to start seedlings, I was temped at Ace and picked up some eggplants, tomatoes, and squash on … Continue reading

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The end of the Winter Garden and Menu Plan

It’s been warm for a few weeks. Seeds for summer were planted. Other seedlings were purchased. And since the raised bed was in need of fertilizer and more soil, J and I decided that it was time to pull the … Continue reading

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Cheese Making: photographs, not recipes

I’m kind of on a ‘do it yourself’ kick. First there was beer and then dreams of sourdough starter, yogurt, and cheese. I probably should have started off with something fast, but I decided to make cheese instead. A friend … Continue reading

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Menu Plan

Instead of just a menu plan this week, I figured I’d post my shopping list, money spent, and how much packaging I used. Menu Plan Sunday-Mexican pizza (black beans, corn, cilantro, cheese) from Annie’s Eats. YUM!!!! Mondaycoriander steak, brown rice, … Continue reading

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Trying to make a zero waste kitchen

Zero waste is all the rage right now. If you haven’t heard, it is all about reusing and minimizing the waste that goes into landfills. I am all about trying to be more environmentally friendly. Still, I am incredibly attached … Continue reading

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Vermiculture and other home improvements

What is Vermiculture? Composting with worms. Essentially worms speed up the decomposition process by digesting food and other things to produce worm manure. (Find out more about Vermiculture (and composting) here.) I am not terribly fond or worms, but received a free … Continue reading

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Happy New Year

My blog has a new look! Not only have I organized my recipes (see categories sidebar), I’ve also added some new features: Gardening, Going Green, and a recipe index. Enjoy!

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