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Chicken Korma

It all started with a bet that I lost… And a promise to make a surprise fancy dinner for J. I stressed for days over the perfect menu. And finally, with some help from friends at work, I decided on … Continue reading

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Stuffed zucchini

And for the final zucchini centered post, stuffed summer squash! I usually shy away from stuffed anything because I feel that it is wasteful to throw out insides. This recipe however has you chop insides and mix them into the … Continue reading

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Zucchini Fritters

My co-op has a fun flyer/program. It is called “Twelve for Forty”. Basically, they post recipes for dinner 6 nights per week for people sticking to a budget. If you follow their plan, you can make dinner for two adults … Continue reading

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Beef and Green Onion Skewers

In my last post, I talked about an amazing pomelo salad I made. Now I’m going to share the recipe for the beef skewers I served with it. I love grilling. And haven’t been able to give up eating meat … Continue reading

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Asian Pomelo Salad

A couple of weeks ago, my boss brought in three shopping bags full of pomelos. If you don’t know what a pomelo is, it is a citrus of Asian origin. They have a nice tangy, grapefruity flavor without the bitterness. … Continue reading

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Mushroom Marsala Burgers

Grilling is all the rage this summer. And I’m happy to jump on the bandwagon. Growing up my dad grilled weekly, even through the winter. While I’m not that hardcore, I love to be outside during the summer. J and … Continue reading

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Mustard Salmon

I’m a big fan of one pot dinners as I hate doing dishes. I picked up Williams-Sonoma’s One Pot: Food Made Fast and was excited by the prospect of hearty, quick meals. While the book does not dissapoint on the … Continue reading

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