Menu Plan: Week of Feb 11th

Throughout the week I jot down meal ideas when I’m hungry. When it comes to menu planning time, I’m not forced to come up with seven meals at once. This week I wanted to have broccoli centered stir fry, arugula pizza, and soup. As I looked over Vegetarian Times this morning, I decided to boot most of them.

The Vegetarian Times issue this month (“One-Dish Meals in 30 minutes) looks amazing. Arugula…quinoa…gnocchi…granola….Asian curry…I couldn’t be happier! I seriously want to make every recipe from this issue. However, I’m going to limit myself to two this week.

The theme this week is Asian fusion, as 4/7 of meals fall into this category. As always, I’m trying to keep things thing rather healthy. Also, no dairy again this week.


In the pantry: quinoa, rice, cashews.

In the fridge: leftover vegetable soup, chili, vegetarian noodle stir-fry, tortillas.

Saturday-Leftovers all day. I think I’ll have soup for lunch and stir-fry for dinner.

Sunday-Ham, collard green, and black eyed pea soup with homemade bread. J and I were so happy with our vegetable soup last week (garbanzo beans, collard greens, fennel, cabbage, quionoa, celery, and carrots), we decided to do soup with collard greens again! J can eat the tortillas for breakfast as I’m not a big tortilla fan.

Monday-Chili-Lime Glass Noodles with tempeh and vegetables (VT). Because Asian fusion is delicious and I’m a sucker for quick meals on swim night. I’m not sure that it is going to be filling enough at 400 cal.

Tuesday-Lentil-quinoa pilaf over wilted arugula (VT). I only have to buy lentils. Yes!

Wednesday-Rice bowl with chrispy tofu and vegetables (America’s Test Kitchen). J and I have made these before. Very tasty AND aesthetically pleasing with not much effort.

ThursdayUdon noodle bowl with flank steak, egg, celery, and garden vegetables.

Friday-Date night. We will most likely have Indian food or Irish food.


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I'm a graduate student trying to stay happy and busy and pursue the things I love.
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