Menu Plan: Week of January 27th


This is going to be a quickie. The theme this week is fast and moderately healthy.

Sunday- Enchiladas. Enchiladas are usually time consuming, however J’s mom was nice enough to can a bunch of enchilada sauce for us. So all we have to do is dip tortilla in oil and add some sauce and cheese. This is one of J’s favorite recipes.

Monday-Vegetarian (leek and mushroom) fried rice and mix green (arugula and spinach) from the garden. Thanks Smitten Kitchen for the recipe.

Tuesday-Cabbage, pork, and rice. The recipe for the cabbage is from a friend of mine. I’m always excited to try new food and cabbage with turmeric sounds delish.

Wednesday- Vegetable  soup (with the leftover cabbage) and bread.

Thursday- Date night. We’ll probably pick up takeout after swim practice.

Friday- Bean burritos. I’ll be making the beans and using up leftover tortillas from enchiladas.


About cookingcampus

I'm a graduate student trying to stay happy and busy and pursue the things I love.
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