Menu: Week of November 11th

I didn’t blog last week. Sorry! And I probably won’t post this week either, besides the post today. I’ve been ridiculously busy at work. And then my mom came. We had a nice time making bread pudding and chatting when I wasn’t grading papers or popping into lab on the weekend to do crosses. She took lots of pictures. Here is one of J and me in the bulk section at our shopping market. I make funny pictures

Ah that is better. I’m actually smiling. Look at all the groceries!
Last week:

Saturday- Vegetable soup and garlic bread. A great way to get rid of leftover vegetables in the fridge. 

Sunday-Ground turkey and quinoa patties with salad. I saw this recipe on a blog and had to try it. It was actually quite delicious and I think I’ll be putting quinoa in burgers from now on. 

Monday-Beef and eggplant and choy (from the garden!) stirfry over rice. My favorite chinese restaurant makes a delicious eggplant dish. I tried to recreate it and failed miserably. That said, the stir-fry was still delicious. 

Tuesday-Spinach and sun-dried tomato panini.

Wednesday-Pasta with tuna and parsley + squash.

Thursday-Takeout. Jonathon was sick so I didn’t make dinner.

Friday-Pumpkin soup. I had a leftover pumpkin from the fields at work. I roasted it in the oven, saving seeds as a snack, then added onion, celery, and half a green apple. Done! Instant soup.

This week: It’s soup week and pasta week! J wanted soup for dinner every night. Because we only thought of 4 soup recipes, we decided to throw in a few other meals for good measure. I’ve blogged most of the recipes before. Sweet! Now all I need is some rain to make Winter complete.

Saturday- Tabbouleh and sausage.

Sunday-Vegetarian chili

Monday-Spicy pasta bake.

Tuesday-Chicken udon.

Wednesday-Corn chowder and spinach.

Thursday-Chicken barley soup. Bulk barley. It’s easy. 

Friday-Pasta w/ broccoli.  I have some mediocre pasta sauce I made back in summer. We have leftover pasta in bulk jars and decided it was time to use up the sauce. Why broccoli? We’ll it is a seasonal vegetable I haven’t had recently. 


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One Response to Menu: Week of November 11th

  1. Patty says:

    I can verify that the pumpkin soup was terrific, and I had no idea it was so simple to make. I’ve got two pumpkins in my kitchen and one of them will be your soup soon. The memory of the quinoa and sausages is making me hungry. Been on a raw food diet for two days, minus some bran & flax muffins I made, so sausages sounds great.

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