Mushroom Marsala Burgers

Grilling is all the rage this summer. And I’m happy to jump on the bandwagon. Growing up my dad grilled weekly, even through the winter. While I’m not that hardcore, I love to be outside during the summer. J and I have been grilling almost weekly. Jake seems to love it as he loves to roll around in the grass, chew on firewood, and lick the grill when we are done.

When I came across this burger recipe, I knew it would be amazing. Mushrooms, provolone, grass fed beef, marsala wine, and homemade buns. Surprisingly enough, the only thing I did not have in my pantry at the time was provolone and beef. Throw in some grilled asparagus and Ace Perry Cider, nom nom nom.
The burgers were almost perfect, with a nice mix of sweet from the wine, salt from the pancetta, and acid from the tomatoes. The only thing is that there was a lot of leftover sauce. Maybe I don’t like my burgers saucy. I’m definitely saving the recipe and making these again sometime soon.

The recipe can be found here at Annie’s Eats.

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1 Response to Mushroom Marsala Burgers

  1. Patty says:

    Looks like a great summer meal. I noticed that you value blending sweet, salt, and acid in a single dish. My housemate would have added ‘bitter’ to the balancing act. I think she means ‘greens’ as a form of ‘bitter’. Do you have a theory of balancing the alcalinity/acidity ratio in meals?

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