Menu Plan: June 3-17

Two weeks worth of menus. Woah! I actually write up a menu every week, but I usually am too busy over the weekend to post them. Sad. Since the menu from last week is still up on the fridge, I figured I’d write it up.

In other news, I think this is one of my favorite meals. It is my summer comfort food. No cooking required. And so easy to prepare. Bread, cheese (brie and jack), edamame, strawberries, and salami. I could do without the wine.

I’m loving all the fresh berries. Strawberries and more strawberries. There are blueberries too, but I am too cheap to buy them. $7.99 for a package!? I’m also loving the peaches, which I ground up and made into popsicles today.

Now onto the menu planning. From last week…

Sunday-Pasta salad. It was something I just threw together, inspired by some spreads in Sunset magazine. I cooked up some pasta and topped it with kalamata olives, peppers, capers, white beans, feta, and zucchini. I thought I could use zucchini from my garden, but it wasn’t quite ready yet. It was super yummy, but I didn’t take pictures.

Monday-Panini and kale chips. The paninis were made with homemade pesto, tomatoes, turkey, and provolone. And if you haven’t heard of kale chips, I highly recommend. And I don’t really even like kale all that much, though I know I’ll miss it when it is too hot and all the leafy greens are gone.

Tuesday-Pasta with cauliflower, capers, and asparagus. This meal was very similar to pasta salad on Sunday. However I did serve it warm…

Wednesday-Big salad. 

Thursday-Quinoa, grilled pork, and artichokes. I’m kinda on a quinoa kick. I love the texture, but I just can’t seem to get it right at home. I’ve been making it once a week in an effort to get perfect quinoa. This was delicious with fresh basil from garden, lemons J took from neighbors yard, and olive oil. But it was a bit too mushy. Boo! The pork was good too. Then again almost anything is better grilled.

Friday-Huevos rancheros. Corn tortilla, topped with fried egg over easy, black beans seasoned with cumin and smoked paprika, cheese, and homemade avocado and tomato salsa. It was so delicious I had it for breakfast today. Even J loved it, and he isn’t even that fond of avocado or black beans.

This week…

Saturday-Leftover asparagus pasta, spinach salad, and homemade peach cream pops.

Sunday-Grilled beef with tomato and basil salad. The basil is from the garden, but sadly my tomatoes are still green.

Monday-Falafels served over quinoa with a side of carrots. I’m also going to make a lemon, chive, and greek yogurt dip.

Tuesday-Potato salad and pork. This will not be one of those mayo smothered concoctions. Instead the potatoes will be topped with spring veges (asparagus, spring onions, green beans) and a mustard vinaigrette. 

Wednesday-Egg salad sandwiches and side of fruit (peaches).

And that is it. I’m leaving two nights open because J has to work a lot this week. All these meals were original recipes, except for the potato salad. I think I bought all seasonal produce, except for the capers which came in a can. I’m not sure where the olives came from (I doubt the Co-op makes the olives it has at olive bar).

Have a lovely weekend. Jake and I are off to the dog park to enjoy the sun.


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I'm a graduate student trying to stay happy and busy and pursue the things I love.
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2 Responses to Menu Plan: June 3-17

  1. Melissa says:

    I love quinoa. I use a 2 parts water 1 part quinoa ratio, rinse the quinoa and add to boiling water. Covered, at a simmer, for 15 min. Fluff with a fork. I don’t think I’ve had problems with it being mushy. I’m so envious of your fruit, we are JUST getting strawberries here, but the baskets go fast at the market.

  2. cookingcampus says:

    I’ll try that tomorrow! I’ve been doing 2.5:1 water to grain ratio. We’ve been lucky that even with weird weather, strawberries have been good this year. I’m hoping to go strawberry and peach picking next weekend, but I haven’t called to see if they are open.

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