Menu Plan

Yum! Salami, gruyere, and sauvignon blanc. I couldn’t help but snack while I waited for my french onion soup to finish.

In other new, today is Jake’s 2nd birthday. (It is also Easter…) He celebrated hard by drinking three bowls of water at the dog park and then promptly throwing them up. It is hard being an adult.

Half marathon training is officially over. I did 12.5 miles yesterday in 1hr49mins. The race is next weekend, but I am not going to run in it because I don’t want to wake up early and drive to Sacramento. I’ll be relaxing this week which means fewer calories and eating less. Bo! Then back to training starting May1st for the Ragnar Relay.

As for meals:

In the pantry: Dried garbanzo beans, bulgar, bulk pasta.

In the fridge: Cooked salmon, lettuce.

In the garden: N/A Sad!!!!

Sunday- Pasta with salmon and a side salad. Fish was super cheap last week so J and I stocked up. All I had to buy for this meal was parsely. I have some growing, but it hasn’t taken off yet. Sun, where are you?

Monday-Veggie risotto. Gotta love asparagus and leak season. While I have been trying to cook soley with brown rice, I broke down and bought white rice for the occasion.

Tuesday-Half Marathon pizza night. While I love pizza, it always makes me sick. Guess I can’t complain as I’m getting a ‘free’ meal.

Wednesday-Chickpea salad, chard, and sausages. I’ll be making up a big batch of chickpeas in the pressure cooker. Last time they took forever to cook and tasted a bitch chalky. I’m going to play around with cook time and hopefully they’ll turn out better this time.

Thursday-Pitas. Since there are going to be leftovers from the chickpea salad, I thought I’d make hummus and have pitas.

Friday-Tabbouleh and whatever I pick up at the Meatlab.

Food cost: $60 + $16 in electrolyte replacement and Easter candy.

Off to yoga sesh. Here is to hoping they are open on Easter. I have my doubts…


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I'm a graduate student trying to stay happy and busy and pursue the things I love.
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