Hazelnut Cake

I think I made this cake last summer. And I just came across the pictures. Instant blog. Win!

The inspiration behind the cake? My mom gave me hazelnuts. I could have eaten then straight, but it is much more fun to bake cakes. I googled all my favorite food blogs and came across a yummy looking recipe on Smitten Kitchen, which is adapted from Sunday Suppers at Lacques, which is a cookbook J got me.

How did I like this cake? I loved the cake and could have done without the ganache. The cake was light and nutty and absolutely delicious. I thought the chocolate would make it tasted like Nuttela in cake form, but it just seem to make the cake heavy. Maybe I just don’t like chocolate. Or maybe I added too much. The original recipe called for pears not chocolate. Next time I find myself with a bunch of hazelnuts, I’ll try it with fruit and fresh whipped cream, which to me sounds much more appealing.

The recipe is fairly easy to make, but blanching hazelnuts is a pain!

The recipe can be found here on Smitten Kitchen.


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