I tried to start seedlings this year. The beans beans are the only thing that sprouted. While it may not be too late to start seedlings, I was temped at Ace and picked up some eggplants, tomatoes, and squash on the way home from grocery shopping. I’m feeling a little guilty right now because should have planted from seeds…
Oh look, the plants are upside-down.

After the plants were purchased, J and I set about harvesting and then turning the soil. Here I am putting in slug traps. I’m wearing cute pink gloves.

What is a slug trap? A plastic dixie cup filled with cheap beer (we used Pabst). Slugs go investigate and drown. They are quite effective most of the time. Still, we are overrun with slugs and decided buy organic slug pellets too, at least until the more tender plants (eggplant and cucs) get started.

And then we figured out where to put the plants. It is nice to see if they all fit.

We reserved about half the box for squash. And then two tomatoes (roma I think) and a row of eggplant. At the far end we planted lemon and japanese cucumber which will be trellised onto the fence. The perimeter (in between all the celery) was lined with basil. Not shown: cherry tomatoes (3), peppers (1), and beans, which are in the front where there is more sun.

I have high hopes for the garden this year, especially after the successful crop of tomatoes and cucumbers last year. This year we improved the garden by putting up a barrier so Jake cannot get near the garden. He is always hungry. While he is a big boy now and is allowed in the yard/house all day without supervision I do not trust him near the garden. Last year he ate two entire eggplants. No, not the fruit, the entire plant. He also picked off quite a few tomatoes, but there were so many it was hardly noticeable.

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2 Responses to Garden

  1. Melissa says:

    I love that your dog ate the *entire* plant. That made me laugh. I have a problem with the cat sitting on anything, thus preventing it from growing!

    I sprouted seeds this year, but used a heat mat and a fake light. We got great successes with the squash, cucumbers and basil, which we just moved to 4″ pots. Haven’t put anything in the ground yet, and we just put tomato seeds in the sprouting trays on the heat mat. I think we are slightly late, but I would be afraid to put anything outside as the last frost date is in May.

    Your garden looks great!

  2. Patty says:

    Fun! It DOES look great. I’m going to try your beer idea. The slugs here are only the size of lemon seeds, but legions of them are at it as I write. Because your raised bed is small, last year’s plants may have robbed the nutrients that this year’s plants require. Mild, organic liquid fertilizer may be your best bet, in addition to the compost you’ve added. Here in Oregon the word is never to place a tomato plant in the same spot where one was grown the previous year. Crop rotation, etc. I notice that my boxed plants do much worse the second year unless I change the soil completely.

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