Menu Plan and Yard Work

Today I ran 7 miles and then J and I did yard work because it is such a beautiful day to be outside. We mowed the lawn, weeded, and trimmed unruly trees. Jake helped.

Who knew branches could be so tasty.

Nom nom nom.We were visited by wild turkeys. Though common to Davis, I’d still never seen them in my neighborhood so I of course had to take pictures.

Now back to the meal planning.

Saturday- Dinner at a friend’s. It is St. Patty’s Day themed, so I will be bringing chocolate whiskey and beer cupcakes. Mmm.

Sunday-Vegetarian¬†arugula and spinach lasagna. Now that it is warming up, my arugula is starting to flower. I need to eat it up ASAP. There is also quite a bit of spinach still left in the garden. I’ll be making the noodles myself. Crossing my fingers it turns out okay.

Monday-Udon noodle bowls. This Asian fusion recipe from Williams-Sonoma has udon noodles, chicken, eggs, bok choy (the last bit in the garden…sad…), green onions, and a dashi broth. It is super simple to make and delicious. On the downside, it makes a lot of dirty dishes.

Tuesday-Bean burritos. J will be cooking because I have to stay out late.

Wednesday-Turkey burgers and carrots.

Thursday-St. Patty’s Day at the Davis Odd Fellows Lodge. I usually cook ‘traditional’ meal, but who can turn down corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, and all the booze you can drink for only $10. Even if you don’t drink, like me, it is hard to get a good meal for under $10. I’m happy.

Friday- Leftovers. I have a feeling there will be lasagna leftover. Or maybe not.

This week I did well when it came to buying only in season fruits and vegetables. However I failed miserably when it came to shopping. I forgot four items and was $30 over my budget ($110 for food and $20 for dinner out on Thurs). Part of my poor budgeting can be attributed to the 1 gallon of Strause milk ($9) which I will be making into cheese tomorrow. Can’t wait!


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  1. Patty says:

    Delicious looking turkey.

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