Vermiculture and other home improvements

What is Vermiculture? Composting with worms. Essentially worms speed up the decomposition process by digesting food and other things to produce worm manure. (Find out more about Vermiculture (and composting) here.) I am not terribly fond or worms, but received a free vermiculture bin and decided to give it a try.

First you need a bin.  Here it is in pieces: 3 feeding trays, spigot to drain ‘worm tea’, coconut husk, and a lid. (Not shown: food and soil for worms.)

J successfully put it together!

And then we got worms from the local garden store.

The nice thing about worms is that they do not need to be fed regularly and they are fairly omniverous.

Worms like: apples, pears, banana peels, strawberries, peaches, melons, greens, cucumbers, tomatos, grains, newspaper, etc.  Oh and did I mention hair?

Worms do not like: junk food, meat, citrus, onions.

Now that the worm bin is going, it is fairly easy to maintain. We had to move it inside for the winter, but that is about it.

Future projects:

  • Beer brewing.  This is mostly J’s idea.  The first batch was ready last Tuesday.  Because it was a success (on our first try!?), we will be ordering more ingredients any day now. Links to J’s blogs on brewing: here and here.
  • Making a sourdough starter.  This is something I have been talking about for two years now.  I think it will have to wait until I don’t have roommate because there just isn’t enough room in the fridge.

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I'm a graduate student trying to stay happy and busy and pursue the things I love.
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3 Responses to Vermiculture and other home improvements

  1. Melissa says:

    I just got a book on fermentation and it has sourdough starter in it. I really want to try it….but first I have to get yogurt down, and then I want to try sourkraut!

  2. moosehills says:

    None of my local gardening stores have red wigglers! I have to order them (luckily, there is a worm farm not too far away)!

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