Menu Plan: Week of December 5th

I’ve been baking up a storm over the past few weeks….cookies, pie, at least five pounds of fudge…  With cookie parties, potlucks, and more cook books to review, I haven’t really had a chance to cook for me.  This week I cleared my evening schedule and planned meals that I love to make.  I’m still trying to stick with in season food, but made a few exceptions for caned tomatoes and chili.

Sunday: Bœuf bourguignon and roasted brussels sprouts.  This dish was recently popularized by Julia and Julia.  In fact, many people went out and bought Julia Child cook books just to make this dish.  My husband, however, went out and bought me the french equivalent of Joy of Cooking, I Know How to Cook.  It is apparently the best selling cookbook in France for seventy-five years.  While Julia Child’s bœuf bourguignon may be fancy, I Know How to Cook offers a family friendly version for everyday cooking.

I made this recipe about a year ago and absolutely loved it.  I didn’t make it again because J is not a big fan of mushrooms.  It’s cold and raining, and I’ve ben craving stew so instead of meat and potatoes, we’ll be having beef, mushrooms, shallots, and bacon stewed in wine.  Yum!

Monday: Baked potatoes and salad.  Mmm simple comfort food.  Gotta use up the leftover bacon from the night before.  =P

Tuesday: Ribollita.  Ribollita is Tuscan vegetable soup.  I’ve never made it before but I was drawn to the abundance of veges.  I am a little apprehensive about the addition of fennel as I absolutely hate the taste of licorice, but I am tying to be hip and fennel is SO trendy right now.

Wednesday: Green chili burritos.  This is J’s request.  One of his favorite soups is green chili and chicken soup.  It is essentially chicken, green chilis, onion, and cheese all mixed together.  I can’t say I am a big fan.  I am going to try it in burrito form.  I am remaining optimistic even though I am kind of over chicken.

Thursday: Spicy pasta bake with chard.

Friday: Stir fry.  It’s the end of the week. I’ll probably feel tired.  Throwing a bunch of veges in a wok sounds like a good plan.


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I'm a graduate student trying to stay happy and busy and pursue the things I love.
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