Fancy Dinner Times

J writes book reviews.  He has started requesting cookbooks because we both love to cook and are always looking to try new things.  Also, I imagine it is a nice break from reading hundreds of pages.  We recently received Fresh from the Market

  • Pigs in a blanket “Ritz Carlton”
  • Dry aged roasted beef with caramelized onion porcini bread pudding
  • Honey apple cake with pumpkin spice ice cream
  • Red apple and bourbon fizz cocktails
  • Green salad (not on the menu however I felt the meal was lacking a green element)

Yum!  The six hours spent in the kitchen was totally worth it.  Everything tasted amazing.  It is hard to go wrong with butter, meat, mushrooms, and fresh herbs.  I’d highly recommend buying this book if you are looking to entertain guests with a fancy restaurant vibe.  Some of the ingredients are not easily obtained in small towns, such as veal stock or orange blossom water, but not to worry, substitutions can easily be made.  For example, I used beef stock instead of veal and the jus tasted just fine.

I have to admit I was a bad food blogger and did not take many pictures of the cooking or the serving.  Here is what I do have:

Porcini mushrooms marinating in olive oil, garlic, and thyme.  Recipe will be posted tomorrow!

Au jus.

Apple cake and pumpkin ice cream.

J’s book review can be found in the November addition of  Sacramento Book Review on page 9.


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2 Responses to Fancy Dinner Times

  1. What she doesn’t tell you is that we invited friends over to share this meal and they all loved it as much as we did. I was worried about the bread pudding but this recipe made me a believer.

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