Fall Garden

This is all that is left of my Summer garden:

Jonathon and I tore out all the tomatoes and cucumbers when the weather turned cold.  I was sad to see them go as the plants were still covered with green tomatoes.  But friends assured me that they wouldn’t ripen with the current cold weather, so I said goodbye to my tomatoes a couple of Saturdays ago.

J and I turned the soil and added compost from our Sun-Mar bin.  We worked around our one lone basil plant which was still bumping.

Then we headed over to Ace to pick up seeds and seedlings.  We bought lettuce, arugula, carrots, cauliflower, bok choy, chard, celery, and cabbage. I didn’t get broccoli because of bad childhood memories.

Here is the finished product.  The wire cages are covering the arugula and carrot seeds.

Two weeks later and everything is still flourishing.  There has been minimal slug-related damage.  The arugula and carrots have spouted and the bok choy definitely looks bigger. I’m sad I don’t have more room.  I’d love to put in peas and more leafy greens.  Some day…

We also put in a small pond in a wine barrel.  Isn’t it cute?  There are five gold fish and 6 mosquito fish hiding.



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