Menu Plan: Week July 25th

Last weeks garden haul. Nom nom nom nom.

This week more squash and tomatoes from the garden as well as cantaloupe, watermelon, potatoes, tomatoes, beans, and corn from the CSA .
There isn’t really a theme this week. What can I say, I just like food.

Saturday: BLTs and potato salad. I ran an evening 5k so I needed something quick and easy to make after the run. BLTs are perfect as they are super simple and delicious. I made the potato salad earlier that day so that was taken care of.

Sunday: Green bean risotto.

Monday: Beans, greens, and corn. Mix of sausage, beans, and collard greens. This dish sounds like something I had for dinner just about Thanksgiving time (with pork instead of spicy turkey sausage), but Kayln’s Kitchen assures me this is a great summer meal so I’ll give it a try.  When I bought collard green at the supermarket, I didn’t notice if they were from CA or not.  My guess is if they are they are not local.  My kale died a month ago.  And if I had had collards growing, I’m sure they would have wilted and shriveled up too.

Tuesday: Grilled chicken with lemon basil pasta and zucchini. I love love love Pioneer Woman.  The funny thing is I have yet to make one of her recipes.  They all look amazing, especially the breakfast items, but I just haven’t had time.  I’m sure this will be good.  I’ve thrown together similar pasta recipes, but I’ve always used wine and haven’t thought to add lemon.  The recipe seems super simple which will be nice after long course swim practice.

Wednesday: Bread salad w/ steak.  Not original.  Super summery and delicious.

Thursday: Grilling.  There have been plans to grill sardines since early summer.  I can’t wait!  There might also be a side of potatoes and a salad.

Friday: Sumac salad with a side of hummus and pita chips. Another Kayln’s Kitchen recipe.  I’ve never had sumac, but I’m excited to try.

That’s about it. Let’s get this week over with.


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I'm a graduate student trying to stay happy and busy and pursue the things I love.
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2 Responses to Menu Plan: Week July 25th

  1. MELISSA says:

    I thought sumac was poisonous? I’m guessing its something different.

  2. cookingcampus says:

    wiki says there are 250 plants with name sumac. this one happens to be a purple spice used in middle eastern cooking. as for how it tasted…i was actually rather disappointed by its lack of flavor.

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