Banana Cream Pie

This is J’s favorite pie.  I tried to make it for Thanksgiving last year, but I failed miserably.  I tried again, and this time success!  I’m not a big fan of desserts with bananas (except bananas carmelized in rum and ladled over ice cream), but I have to admit this pie was pretty good.  I still prefer this fruit tart…  Berries>bananas any day.

Banana cream pie is relatively easy to make.  First prepare and prebake a pie crust.  I made a sweet, buttery crust.  After the crust has cooled, cover with banana slices.

Then make a custard, slice your bananas and layer your pie..

Some people enjoy smothering banana cream pie with whipped cream.  I think there is enough dairy to go around and prefer to serve mine with no toppings.

The recipe is adapted from Joy of Cooking.

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