Menu Plan

Sweet.  I’ve abandoned my blog again.  =P  I was also very self indulgent this weekend and spent most of my time reading or sipping chilled beverages by a pool.  I did manage to get off my butt and plan meals and go shopping.  And there was the seven loads of laundry.  And a visit to the dog park.

CSA Box-Carrots, cucumber, squash, tomatoes, corn, potatoes, basil, apricots, and watermelon.

I also have a lot of squash, tomatoes, and cucumber in the garden.  I love veges, but there are just too many to eat in a week.  I better start throwing some dinner parties.

J is reviewing a wine pairing book for Sac book review.  It is called 100 Perfect Pairing and is filled with recipes for small plates to pair with wine.  Because I am adventerous and rather fond of wine (but never know what to have it with), I am very excited to try out a few sides this week.  We chose white wines because it’s hot and cool beverages are in order.

Here is the plan.

Sat-Pesto panini made with my fragrant CSA basil and heirloom tomatoes.

Sun-Pool party at friends.  I made zucchini bread.  Yum!

Mon-Enchiladas.  J’s mom made enchiladas last week and we still have leftovers.

Tues-Caprese salad  and pork. I’ll be pairing it with pinot gris.

Wed-Pork fajitas.  Gotta use up the leftover. (There is no way I can eat 2lb of pork loin in one night.)

Thurs-Gazpacho and a side of roasted potatoes.

Fri-Fresh corn with citrus butter and another item TBD.  The corn is supposed to go well with sauvignon blanc.  We shall see.


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I'm a graduate student trying to stay happy and busy and pursue the things I love.
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