Gâteau de Crêpes

I’d never made a crepe before let alone 20 something.  But I stumbled upon this recipe and in a moment of insanity decided to make it for a lab dinner.  You see I rarely make recipes for potlucks that I haven’t tried yet.  I am always mortified that I will 1) mess something up or 2) the recipe will taste bad and it will reflect poorly on me.  But I figured anything with pastry cream and crepes had to be amazing.  And it was.

The cake was a big hit.  The crepes were moist, but not soggy, and the vanilla really came through.  The strawberries were a nice fresh touch. (I debated whether I was going to torch it or top it with fruit. Next time…)  Everyone thought it was delicious and was impressed by the sear magnitude of crepes.  (I was a little less amazed as I had to stand over the stove for a little under an hour flipping crepes.) They were so fixated on the layering, no one seemed to notice the crepes were all different sizes.  Maybe I should have trimmed them.

Was it worth it?  Yes and no.  On the upside the cake is certainly a crowd pleaser.  Also, I am now confident I can in fact make crepes.  However, I am not sure that crepe cakes are really my thing.  I am more of a savory as opposed to sweet crepe person.  Also, I think a simple shortcake or pound cake with strawberries and whipped cream tops crepes and pastry cream any day.

The recipe can be found here at Smitten Kitchen.


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