“Antonia’s Deep-Dish Pizza with Prosciutto, Burrata, and Arugula”

Once upon a time I hated arugula.  And now I love it.  It is weird how tastes change over time.  Since I get boatloads of arugula in my CSA box I am constantly looking for new ways to serve it.  I often make arugula pesto or throw it in with a grain, but when I am feeling adventerious and have a bit of time on my hands, I like to make pizza.

Gooey mozarella, roasted tomatoes, proscuitto, and of course arugula sprinkled with balsamic and grated parmigiano-reggiano.  It tastes absolutely amazing.  I’ve only had white pizza a couple of times and was unimpressed.  This pizza however is light and not overly creamy.  The arugula adds nice earthy and peppery touch.

There recipe can be found here at Bravo TV.  I came upon it because J reviews books in his free time.  He was sent the Top Chef Quickfire Cookbook.  I am an avid fan of top chef and couldn’t wait to try all the recipes; I earmarked dozens of pages.  The funny thing is I’ve had the book for a couple of months and this is the only recipe I’ve tried.  Oh well.

The picture on there website does not do it justice.  And neither does 2 1/2 star rating.  If you like arugula and white pizza this is a must try recipe.  J and I cannot get enough of it.

A few things I’d recommend changing:

1) The recipe suggests you reserve 1/4 of the arugula and use it as garnish.  I don’t think it adds anything.  Fried arugula does not taste any better and unless you have a lot of frying oil lying around it is kinda a waste of oil.  I’d recommending sautéing all the arugula.

2) The first time I made this recipe I could not find burrata cheese.  So I mixed fresh mozzarella with heavy cream.  It tasted fine and did not have a weird consistency.

3) I’d recommending cutting the into small pieces.  I have my prosciutto sliced at the market and while it is thin, it comes in rather big pieces.  I made the mistake of throwing whole slices on the pizza.  It was a bit too much to chew.

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