Bowties with Cauliflower, Anchovies, and Fried Croutons

This Month’s Bon Appetit features a travel section.  Italy, Spain, France…  The articles are full of colorful pictures, mouthwatering descriptions of locally grown vegetables and fresh seafood.  Very enticing.   I’ve always wanted to travel.  I did a fair amount when I was little.  I was very lucky, but I don’t think I had prospective on life to appreciate my experiences.  Now I want to go with J.  Top on our list is Greece and Ireland.   Given the current turmoil is Portugal, Greece, Ireland, and Spain, it probably isn’t the best time.  So I will have to satisfy my curiosity by recreating the food at home.

Why start with pasta?  Because it is simple.  And what isn’t to love about zucchini and cauliflower.  Did I mention I am currently obsessed with roasted cauliflower?  Here in Davis zucchini isn’t in season yet.  But cauliflower is abundant.  And I do love me some cauliflower.

I was a bit skeptical when I read the dish called for anchovies.  I love tuna on pasta, but anchovies are so salty.  And anchovies with parmesan… The dish was yummy, but it fell short of my expectations.  First of all, the anchovies were completely drowned out by the pasta.  I even added more than the recipe called for.  And still not fishy enough.  This is big coming from me because I generally do not like fishy fish.  The zucchini was also lost.  Note the abundance of white in the pot not green.

All in all, I will probably make this recipe again.  I’ll add more fish, more parsley, and more zucchini.  I might also leave out the bread crumbs (too many carbs).  Maybe I’m not being true to Italy, but at least I am being true to myself.  

The recipe can be found here.


In the same magazine there is also a recipe for spring vegetable pasta with asparagus and snap peas.  I think it is featured on the cover.  It is very good.  Try it. Best do it now because the asparagus crop is stellar (at least in northern Cali).


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