Maple walnut cake

Have you ever fantasized about pancakes?  Lots of maple syrup…  Maybe some whipped cream and ice cream? I’m not a big breakfast person, but I do love me some pancakes.  I prefer to top them with fruit and yogurt, but maple syrup is nice too.  I’m not sure what I expected when I saw this recipe in my most recent “Bon Appetit”, but pancakes didn’t even come to mind.

These cupcakes are pancakes in cake form.  The taste is rather uncanny.  The  strong maple syrup flavor is complimented by the cream cheese frosting.  The dry toasted nuts add to the illusion that the cake was cooked in a skillet.  The only thing they lacked was pancake texture.  Even with a tablespoon of baking powder, the 2 cups of maple syrup make them a little dense.  I’m happy to say that even with all that sweetener they are not overly sweet.  Here is the recipe.

I made these cupcakes for J’s birthday and they were a big hit at our impromptu dinner party.  We had originally planned to have a quiet dinner at home-grilled steak, asparagus, and potato salad.  There was to be no cake as J’s work got him a cake the day before.  But then some friends called and we invited them over.  They brought pork ribs, bell peppers, and more asparagus.  And our housemate made amazing pretzels.  And I was compelled to make dessert.  All in all, everything was a big hit.

I didn’t take any pictures of food, but all that was left was three asparagus and half a bell pepper.

Jake had fun too.

“I’m not begging.  I’m  just sitting under your chair being a good boy”



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