Menu Plan.

Happy Valentines Day!  J had these flowers delivered to my work.  It was very unexpected and super sweet.  Best husband ever.  =P

This week I’m going to blog about what I cooked last week.  I haven’t had time to plan meals.  I was very pleased with my dinner menu last week so I thought I’d share it instead.  I even took pictures of two meals, shocking I know.

Sunday-Chicken w/sweet-and sour cabbage and roasted potatoes

Every time I get cabbage, I either make salad or boil it.  I came across this recipe in last months Bon Apetit and fell in love          immediately.  Bacon….brown sugar…balsamic vinegar….what isnt’ to love?  I threw in some caraway seeds and panchetta, and voila it tasted exactly like sauerkraut.  Next time I get red cabbage I know what I’ll be cooking.

Monday-Chicken brocolli bake w/ salad

This is a recipe from J’s mom.  It is great way to get rid of turkey leftovers and boatloads of brocolli.  I wasn’t exactatic about it, but no matter, it was fast and made a lot of leftovers which are good for lunches.  The curry paste is a nice touch.

Tuesday- Stir Fry

Every week it seems we get bok choy and carrots.  I was getting a little sick of stir fry, but then we decided to throw in some udon noodles and seracha.  Did I mentioned I’m obsessed with udon noodles?

Wednesday-Spicy sausage bake w/ kale

Every week in CSA box there is a news letter along with veges.  It said something along the lines of “if you are vegetarian you already know how to cook kale…”  I am not a vegetarian and yet I find countless ways to cook leafy greens.  Basically you can throw them in just about every casserole. I’m also very fond of them sauted with pine nuts.  Anyway, the coolness of the kale compliments the spicy choriso and pepper jack cheese. We’ve made this meal a couple times this winter and it does not disappoint. It was voted the most delicious meal of the week!

Thursday-Butternut squash risotto w/ shrimp and greens

When you eat in season veges, chances are, you’ll be eating the same few items every week.  Carrots…leafy greens (spinach, kale, chard)…bok choy…oranges…brocolli…asian pears…and butternut squash.  I’m fine with the variety of leafy greens, love munching on carrots, potatoes are great, but butternut squash is becoming a huge burden.  Initially I was making soup every other week.  I’d mix in some carrots, celery, and apples. Mmmm.  However, it seems to be giving me heartburn.  Since I don’t like burping up acid, I decided to never to cook butternut squash again.  Then I played around with baking it and grinding it up in pie.  Risotto seemed to be an obvious next choice.  I like zucchini or asparagus risotto better, but it wasn’t bad.

Friday- Spinach ravioli and salad (made by my housemate).

He is wrestling with the dough as I type.

Have a happy Valentine’s Day Weekend.  I have a busy weekend planned.  Dog training…hair cut…snowboarding…shopping.  J and I have plans for romantic dinner at home.  The menu is TBD.


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I'm a graduate student trying to stay happy and busy and pursue the things I love.
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2 Responses to Menu Plan.

  1. Patty says:

    Love those flowers!
    For butternut squash–yes, tiresome in quantity–I like to bake it with the two sides oiled and slightly salted. When done, I melt butter in the hot ‘cup’, then add orange marmalade or cranberry relish, with a sqeeze of fresh orange, as a dip for spoonsful of squash. ‘Naked’ that way, the squash flavor of the summer sun it grew from comes through. Oddly, the acid orange ‘cures’ the acid aftertaste of the squash.

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