Brioche Peach Tart

I was cleaning up my work computer and came across pictures I’d taken during the summer and uploaded (and promptly forgot about) sometime in September.  Berry tartes, fruit salad, bread salad.  And this amazing peach brioche.

I like to blog about recipes I’m currently making with in season fruits and veges, but I felt that I had to post this now.  It is too good to pass up.  And if I leave it on my computer there is a good chance I’ll forget about it for another year or so until.

Why is this recipe blog worthy?  Looks like an impressive dessert that is actually easy to make.  And if you are anything like me you love dessert, but are usually too full to eat it.  The brioche is light and fluffy (unlike oh say most pound cake) and the fruit mixture isn’t sickeningly sweet (like peach pie).  

The take home message is you should save the recipe and make this peach brioche next summer when peaches are in season.  (They just taste better).  Or if you are drooling over it now, canned peaches are probably good too.

Oh, and I really need to keep up with my blogging…

I found the recipe on a blog I follow Good Eats ‘n Sweet Treats


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