Dinner Menu: Week of Nov 30th

I came back from a few days with the hubby’s family in Palm Springs to fallen leaves blanketing the backyard.  It’s Winter, or at least as wintery as Davis gets.   My house is very drafty.  After an almost $100 dollar heating bill last month, we opted to put on coats and turn down the heater.  That means soup soup and more soup for dinner.  Not that I’m complaining.  I love soup.

I’m posting my menu plan a week late.  On the upside, I can comment on the meals I made.

Monday: Chicken and Vegetable Udon

  • A+ and 5 gold stars.  This is going to become a staple around the house

Tuesday: Hoison Salmon, Rice, and citrus Bok-Choy

  • This is a recipe from Bon Appetit.  I can’t remember if I took pictures. Anyway, the salmon I posted a month ago is much better.  While I like the idea of orange flavored salmon, I’m not a big fan of salt and soggy bok-choy.

Wednesday: Barley, Kale, and Leek Soup with Biscuits

  • This recipe is also from Bon Appetit and the biscuits are from Joy of Cooking. I’ll post more about this later. I was surprised by how much I liked the stew.  I’m not a huge fan of Kale and tomato based soups, but this was pretty good and very low calorie (if you make it without biscuits).

Thursday: Guinness Beef Stew

  • Guinness is so trendy nowadays.  Bread, cupcakes.  Maybe this is anti-foodie, but I am not sure what the big deal is.  I love beef stew.  The beer didn’t add anything.  It might have even masked the flavor of the beef and made the stew a little too heavy.  I didn’t even finish my bowl.  *tear*

Friday: Big Salad

  • I’m kind of regretting my food choice.  Salad is not warm and comforting.

Happy Holidays and all that.  It’s Friday and I’m off to an exciting weekend full of yoga and yard work.


About cookingcampus

I'm a graduate student trying to stay happy and busy and pursue the things I love.
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