Kicking off Fall (and the Foxy’s Fall Century) with a Spiced Pecan Tart

IMG_1808It’s finally Fall!  The leaves here in Davis don’t really turn, but it’s rained 2″ and there was fog this morning.  I couldn’t be happier.  In celebration of the changing season, I’ve been cooking up a storm.  Stuffed chicken, meatballs, squash, and pie.  While pecan isn’t my favorite, it is a close second to blackberry.  I was invited to a dinner party tonight and pecan pie seemed like an obvious choice.


And what is the cause for celebration?  Some girlfriends and I are doing a Metric Century tomorrow.  Eek.  The Foxy’s Fall Century is a bike ride hosted by the Davis bike club.  There are three choices: 50km, 100km, and 100mi.  We opted for the 100km.  Back in July, I felt like I had months to train.  (I even considered the 100mi.  What was I thinking?)  Now that it is tomorrow, I’m scared.  I did bike a little.  I even did a 64 mile ride with hills.  But ever since the puppy, I’ve been running every day.  That means I haven’t road seriously in about a month.  To set aside our fears, a group of us are getting together tonight to “Carb-load”.  While it isn’t really necessary as we plan to stop for snacks along the way, it is a great excuse to get together and share good food and company.  (But no booze.  I would hate to drink tonight and have to get up at 6am and bike for about 5 hours.  Teehehe).


Now back to the tart.  I knew I wanted something with pecans.  So I typed pecan into my google reader search bar and this recipe popped up.  I was super excited it was a tart because I just got a beautiful tart pan from my mom.

IMG_1787The pat in pastry was also a plus because I was in no mood to wrestle with dough after a dinner mixup.  (The crock pot wasn’t actually turned on so the bean soup I’d been drooling over all day went straight in the trash when I arrived home from work).

IMG_1792Somehow everything came together and dinner was on the table by 8pm and the tart was in the oven by 10pm.  I even made a second pie for my house.  I wanted to try the recipe before I served it to friends.  My first impression was it was a bit too flavorful (the alcohol was a bit overpowering), but I ate some this morning and liked it much better.  J thought it was different, but delicious.  It doesnt’ taste like traditional pecan pie (definitely spicier), but it is wonderful nonetheless.

The recipe can be found at “The Canadian Baker”.

My new housemate has been coaching me in food photography.  Apparently it is all about lighting.  This is challenging as 2/3 of the bulbs in my kitchen are burnt out.  Still, I think my photos are getting a bit better.  Thanks!



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