Whirl Wind NYC Trip

IMG_1344Two of my college roommates live in NYC.  I needed a change of scenery so I decided (rather spontaneously) to spend the weekend with them.  My red eye flight arrive at 8am on Sat, and I hopped off the plane (after 3hrs of interrupted sleep) and commenced my directionless wandering.  On the agenda-museums, gardens, and restaurants.

Day 1-I got off the subway at the Natural History Museum.  I had fully planned on going in, but wandered into Central Park and time got away from me.  It was raining, but that didn’t stop me for walking for hours and going boating.   Then I wandered down 5th ave to the Empire State Building just to see it.  IMG_1367My building photography is infanitely better than my pictures of food.  =)

Then I walked 40 something blocks back toward the Natural History Museum.  I popped in to see Bryant Park (yay Project Runway!), the library, and some pretty cathedrals.  Somewhere along the way I saw a crowded restraunt down a side street.  It turned out to be a ramen shop.  I was famished from walking for miles so I went in and had a delicious bowl of soup.  Out of all the food I had in NYC (pizza, tofu soup and kimchi in K town, hippy Thai food in Williamsburg, etc…) it was by far my favorite.  Soy beef broth, noodles, fish balls, mochi, scallions, two types of tofu, pork…  Relatively cheap and large portion too! 

Day 2-I finally made it to the American Museum of Natural History.  It was awesome!!!!!  I spend 5 hours and didn’t see all of it.  =(  I make it to the gems, meteorites, dinosaurs, early mammals, African, Central America, and and Asian exhibits.  After the Natural History Museum, I wanted to go to the MOMA, but I was tired and decided to spend the afternoon in central park instead. 

Day 3-Fort Tryon Park and then on to Williamsburg to visit friend #2.  I really wanted to see the Cloisters.  Fort Tryon Park was beautiful, and I think I liked it even better than Central Park because there were only a handful of people jogging and biking.  The museum was closed so no Medieval art or unicorn tapestries.  If I ever go back to NYC,  I will start with The Cloisters first.  

The view across the river from the park…


All in all it was an excellent trip.  I would have liked to stay longer (at least a week) and planned out my days better.  But I had fun nonetheless.


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