And for dinner this week I’ll be having…

IMG_0499I’m kind of an impulse buyer. It’s dangerous to go to the grocery store when I’m hungry. I’ll either buy a bunch of unhealthy snack items or way overstock the fridge. As I hate wasting food and binge eating, I have to plan ahead of time and arrive at the super market well fed. =) Each Friday night or Sat morning I plan my meals for the week and make a list of exactly what I need. I, of course, plan my meals around and incorporate all the wonderful veges from my CSA box.  This week I received summer squash, a huge bunch of cilantro, red potatoes, onions, spinach, walnuts, cherries, strawberries, oranges. The cherries are already gone.

Some of the blogs I read have weekly menu updates.  I thought that I’d do it for a while, just for kicks.  So here are my dinner plans for the week.  I was trying for moderately healthy with lots of fresh veges and a total prep time of less than 30 minute for busy weeknights.

Sat: tri-tip, red potatoes, spinach

Sunday-tacos and green rice

Monday-Pita pockets (hummus, carrots, cucumber, tomato, spinach)

Tuesday-zucchini risotto

Wednesday- Bread salad (bread, tomato, cucumber, basil, onion…), fresh fruit smoothie, and cheese

Thursday-Big Salad (chicken, walnuts, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, bell pepper)

Friday-Date night.  I’m hoping we get Indian or perhaps Sushi!  And then I’ll be making a strawberry margarita cake for a “Sies de Junio” party.

Happy Weekend Everyone!


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I'm a graduate student trying to stay happy and busy and pursue the things I love.
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One Response to And for dinner this week I’ll be having…

  1. Those pitas look so good! I sure could go for one now!

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