Mouth Watering Cinnamon Rolls


I’m back.  And I have a new toy!!!!  A kitchenaid stand mixer…a present to myself for passing my qualifying exam.  Isn’t it beautiful?  The bright red color was too fabulous to pass up. Now I just need to replace all my other kitchen appliances so they match…


I can’t believe I didn’t buy a stand mixer earlier.  I guess I thought it was one of those luxury items that you are supposed to ask for when you get married.  But there is baking to be done.  And I can always trade up later.  Viking makes a nice $500-700 model…  =)

Back to the baking.

I bought my mixer last Wednesday.  Since then I’ve made a tres leches cake for my grad group happy hours and these cinnamon rolls for “brunch” today.  The cinnamon rolls were recommended by a friend.  Here is the Bon Appetit recipe.   The dough isn’t overly sweet (which is a plus since the rolls are filled with brown sugar). The only puzzling thing is the rolls didn’t rise as much as I expected.  But no biggie.  They weren’t dense at all.  The cream cheese frosting was delicious.  But maybe I’m a bit biased.  I have been known to buy carrot cake just so I can scrape off the frosting.  Horrible I know.  Next time I’ll add some lemon to the frosting to cut the sweet, buttery taste.

The only down side of this recipe  is the 3 hour wait.  However, this is nothing in comparison to some recipes which call for an overnight rest time.  Start them early and you will have a savory sweet roll for brunch.  Due to an early morning yoga class a persistent food coma from lamb the night before, I started dough late.  Consequently they weren’t ready until 230pm.  I was famished and had to snack on strawberries and rice cakes to tide me over.  Don’t worry, these cinnamon rolls are worth the wait.  A+ and 5 gold stars.  I will definitely keep them in mind when I am scrounging for weekend breakfast ideas.

And now some pictures…




So good…  mmm….



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