Berry Tart with Red Currant and Almond Glaze

I haven’t baked anything in a while because I’ve been cramming for exams.  But being that it is almost my birthday and my mother is visiting, I thought I’d do something special and put down my plant development books for one day.  I wanted to make something with fresh fruit, and was oscillating between peach pie or a berry tart.  They both take about the same amount of time and effort .   Ultimately I was leaning toward the pie because I don’t have a tart pan.   At the store we saw all the delicious berries and immediately settled on the tart.  Simple, sweet, cool and refreshing, this tart will make a perfect addition to any summer party.  (Given the color scheme, too bad I missed July 4th…)


Recipe is from Bittman’s How To Cook Everything.  I added the optional glaze, using red currant jelly mixed with a tablespoon of amaretto.  I think next time I will add less salt and spice up the crust a little with lemon zest or almond extract.


The pudding.  Mmmm…vanilla…and lots of it!

Look at all the fresh berries.  It is a shame not to take advantage during the summer months.  And unlike many store-bought tarts, this is filled with actual custard.  (I personally hate buying a beautiful tart that is filled with cream cheese.)

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