I’m still on a Mexican food kick.  I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of Mexican food.  These tacos are far from healthy, but I don’t care.  Sometimes you just crave deep-fried comfort food, and these are the perfect fix.

I first had these tacos last year when I spent a week in the Southern California desert visiting J’s parents.  These tacos are one of his favorite meals and he insisted his father make them when we came to visit.  And boy were they worth it.  Tasty both hot and cold, they made for an amazing dinner and a tasty snack on the 9 hour drive home.

This is J’s Grandmother’s recipe.  His grandmother grew up in rural Arizona on a ranch.  They were never rich so the addition of potatoes to the beef probably started as a way to save money.  It sounds gross to fill tacos with mashed potatoes, but they holds the beef together and keep the flavors in.


~12 tacos

1 can roast beef
2 med potatoes

corn tortillas

Seasoning: oragono, cumin, el pato salsa, chili powder, cayenne pepper

Topping: lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, salsa (optional; beef is spicy)

Crisco for frying.


-Peel potatoes and boil until tender
-Mash with a little bit of milk or water
-Season with salt and pepper

-Drain can of shredded beef
-Mix equal parts beef and mashed potatoes. Add potoes a little at a time because you don’t want mixture to be too mushy.
-Season with spices to taste

-Prepare toppings

-Melt Crisco in a cast iron skillet, about 1/2″ melted in the pan
-Crisco should shine, but not bubble

-Lay out tortillas on a hard surface and fill with potatoes/meat mixture.  Make sure they are not overstuffed and filling is positioned such that it is in direction with lines in tortilla.

-Fold then up to make a taco shape and grip the top with flat-edged tongs. Deep fry bottom by holding it upright in oil until it is firm.  Lay it on its side, being careful that tortilla sides are evenly touching eachother.  Deep fry until golden brown.

-Drain on paper towel, stuff with toppings, and enjoy!


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I'm a graduate student trying to stay happy and busy and pursue the things I love.
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3 Responses to Tacos!

  1. falselogic says:

    These are very yummy tacos, I don’t know how I feel about my family’s secret recipe getting out there! 😛 Well the more the merrier if I’m lucky the recipe will end up in a book somewhere and I can totally sue! 😛

    Kidding, if you’re on the fence about making these don’t be, they’re fantastic! best tacos I’ve ever eaten anywhere and I eat a lot of tacos at a lot of different places

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