Cleaning out the fridge…

It’s that time of the week again…time to plan meals and make a shopping list. While I love drooling over cook books and browsing the aisles of my local co-op, it’s a little frustrating finding room in the fridge for all the food I always end up buying. ($100 = a lot of veges….and I share a fridge with two other people.) Also, I force myself to use up all the perishable food I bought the previous week before I can justify a trip to the market. If I’m going to masquerade as a poor college student, I aught not waste food! This weeks “leftovers” were as follows: half a cucumber, cherry tomatoes. a TINY bunch of asparagus, two cups of cooked pasta, 7 eggs, salsa fresca, half an onion, and some cheese.

And what did I make…? An asparagus omelet for dinner last night and pasta salad for lunch today. (I have to admit I cheated a little. I ran to the store and picked up a bell pepper, green onions, pesto, and spinach.) Anyway, that aside, the meals were delicious and quick as well.

This picture just doesn’t do the omelet justice.

Spinach and Asparagus Omelet

1/4 yellow onion
3/4 cup cheese (I used Jack)
1tbsp Parmesan cheese
1/2 cup spinach, finely chopped
2 tbsp milk
1~2tbsp butter
pepper and salt to taste

Green onions

-Chop asparagus into medium pieces. Discard the very bottom as it is tough and not as tasty.
-Thinly slice onion
-Heat 1/2 tbsp butter or oil in pan and saute asparagus and onion until asparagus is cooked, but still firm
-Season with salt and pepper and set aside

-Beat eggs with milk
-Heat remaining butter in another pan
– Prepare omelet with as much cheese, spinach, and asparagus as will fit.
(I think I used about 1/4 cup spinach, 1/2 cup jack, and half the asparagus)
-Top omelet with remaining cheese, chopped green onions, salsa, and freshly ground black pepper. Garnish with spinach and remaining asparagus

As for the pasta salad, well it had tomatoes, cucumber, green pepper, crushed red pepper, pesto, and pasta of course.

Happy July 4th!!!!! Hopefully there will be grilling in the near future (preferably in the next few hours). If not, I can always scrounge leftovers. =P

Oh, and I just picked up a BBQ last weekend so there should definitely be some posts coming up about campfire-ready food.  I have to practice as I am going camping soon and am not about to eat junk food all weekend.


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I'm a graduate student trying to stay happy and busy and pursue the things I love.
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